The Eating Machine

An Automated Master

An Automated Master

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Digital Animus

The Digital Animus is the Bull monster at the center of the Labyrinthine circuitry of the Internet. Devouring virgins who get lost in the endless corridors.

Digital Animus

The Internet

The Wired, the interconnected circuitous energies of humanity. An energetic diorama of the real world

The Internet

Your drive does not differentiate between the little game and the Big Game.

But your body does.

When you fail to grow stronger after your 'experience' fantastic feats.

When you fail to grow wiser when you've made complex choices.

When you die ten thousand times without enlightenment.

When you collect a lifetime of treasure...but you are empty.

It is because you do not reap the fruits of your labor, you render them unto HIM.

Moloch is Ten Thousand Robber Barons! An Automated Master!

The Game is His, and your endless labors within it are His as well.

When in the past Canaanites fed their children to a great machine, the children of God were horrified.

When we feed our potential to the Machine, we are comfortable at last.

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